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Red, White and Drunk All Over

A wine soaked journey from grape to glass

by Natalie MacLean

We were going to review a new book about wiring on boats, but then we came across this book at BookExpo that we just knew boaters would love. No, this is not exactly a book about boating, but how many boaters do you know who don't like wine? Okay so there are the occasional beer afficionados but I believe they'd like wine if they knew how easy it is to love it. This book by Natalie MacLean, Canada's most well known wine writer, is simply the most useful book about wine you are likely to find. It will be appearing in US bookstores September 29.

MacLean does not resort to fancy language (well maybe just a little) but rather treats you to a sensuous romp around the world through vineyards, restaurants, wine cellars, wine shops and dinner parties. I, who never tried to figure out wines but always knew if a wine appealed to me or not, read the book through almost without stopping. I found myself laughing out loud, marveling at the history, and delighting in the characters. In the process, I learned what makes all the wines different. And I learned why some wines that are reasonably priced are far better wines than others that are exhorbitant. I started to understand the basics of wine and wine selection, something that truly mystified me before. From the character of the specific grapes to the influence of different soils, conditions, and wine makers, I found a new appreciation for the nectar and less mystery about its variety.

The differences are simply explained, delightfully researched, and enthusiastically recounted. I now know when to turn a wine back, when to accept it graciously, and how to enjoy it to the fullest. Some of the advice is simple - go with second bottlings of topnotch vinters, choose the grape, region, and vintage as a unit, take a chance on unknown makers in a year of particularly good vintage and learn to trust a local wine merchant. Finally, always enjoy the bubbly - there is nothing it doesn't go with! Now that is sound advice.

Natalie MacLean also has a terrific free online newsletter called Nat Decants. There are fabulous photos to accompany the book on her site and you can even get recommendations for that pot luck dinner you are planning. Enjoy, and tell Natalie we sent you.

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