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Where There Is No Pet Doctor

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Description automatically generatedA Manual for Cruisers, RVer’s, and Backcountry Travelers
By David W. LaVigna, DVM
Fourth Edition
ISBN13 979-8-5704-9320-9
463 pages, May 19, 2021, 6 x 1.05 x 9 in

Originally released as Captain Doctor Dave’s Wilderness Veterinary Companion for Cruisers and Other Outbackers in 2005, the author is a cruising veterinarian who understands the types of problems that may be encountered in remote regions of the world. Finding information about travelling with pets is often difficult enough but getting veterinary assistance can be even harder.

The new edition is expanded and has some very useful features, including a rating system for how difficult procedures that are described in the book are for untrained individuals to perform. It is intended for distance travellers with pets in third world environments where veterinary care may be very limited. It covers ways in which a pet owner can treat their furry friend temporarily until professional help can be obtained. It even provides specific diets for various special needs that can be made from local ingredients.

A useful section offers a selection of drugs and dosages that should be kept on board, as well as dosages for medications that may be in your onboard human medical kit and warnings about drugs that should not be used. Dave also covers the best ways to prepare for travel before departing to ensure your pet is offered entry to as many countries as possible. He covers international standards for microchipping and quarantine. One thing I would never have thought of is getting a tiny thumb drive and loading onto it the animal’s information as well as your contact details if the animal gets lost. You can attach that to the pet collar and just about anyone today will recognise the drive and will know how to retrieve the information.

Suggestions and photos of how to restrain cats and dogs, how to give injections and pills, and what to do in emergencies are all very clearly described. The Kindle edition also includes many links to further information online. There is a series of complementary free webinars on Cruising with Pets, a blog, and website through which the book can be purchased. Visit or


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