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The Coastal Boating Logbook

…the ultimate resource for the well equipped nav station

Ancient Seafarers used to toss a log tied to a string overboard to determine their speed through the water. The string had knots tied at precise intervals. After a specified length of time they would stop the line paying out through their fingers and read out the number of knots that had gone out. The speed in "knots" was then transcribed in a ledger, that became known as the "Logbook". 'Knots' became nautical miles per hour, and we still use knots as a speed for boats to this day. We also still use a logbook! From this a verb has developed (much like to googoe something), and we 'log' our position and speed, as well as weather, radio traffic etc at. Good seamanship dictates that we do this at regular intervalls.

Having a need for our own purposes to have a good logbook, we compiled one that book so many things you need in one easy-to-use logbook … quick reference guides, worksheets for radar and other calculations, radio protocol and station list, maintenance logs, guest register, useful reminder lists of all kinds, and of course, maintenance and trip logs. 


I. Essentials

1. Yacht Credentials 
2. Important Contact Information
3. Vessel Emergency Procedures
4. Standard Operating Procedures
5. Crew Agreement
6. Rules of the Road 
7. Coast Guard Requirements 
8. International Signal Flags  
9. Flag Etiquette 
10. Beaufort Scale

II.   Tools

11. Radio Protocol and Etiquette 
12. Top Marine VHF/SSB/HAM Radio Frequencies
13. Radio License Basics
14. Boater’s Pre-Departure Checklist
15. Before Going Offshore Checklist
16. Vessel Energy Audit
17. Onboard Stowage Locator  
18. Float Plan
19. Universal Plotting Sheet 
20. Navigation Formulas, Tools and Tricks  
21. Essential Book List  
22. Guest Instructions and Sea Bag List
23. Emergency Ship Bag Checklist  
24. Marine Medical Kit Checklist  
25. Spring Commissioning Checklist 
26. Fall Decommissioning Checklist 
27. Problem-Solution Flowchart  

III. Logs

28. Daily Cruising Log 
29. Service & Maintenance Log 
30. Guest Register

We apologize, but this title is currently out of print.

Publisher inquiries are welcome

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Customize your logbook for your boat, your club, your marina, or your fleet!

Custom cover designs and contents offer you the ability to tailor the logbook to your own needs.  We can customize the cover with graphics of your choice. Here are a few options:
  • Yacht club burgee
  • Photos of your club or members  
  • Organization logo and contact information
  • Marina or anchorage photo with name and waypoints
  • Photo of your boat, boat name and graphics
  • Favorite photo from an event
  • Annual sailing event promotion
  • Personal signal
  • Local harbor chart art
  • Cruising area chart art
  • Annual cruise itinerary
  • Corporate name and logo for a customized gift option. 
There’s almost no limit to what we can do for your personal design, as long as it fits within the template.  We can also customize the number of pages and to some degree the content of the log book.  For example, if you wanted to add relevant phone numbers and contact information for members of your club or fleet, a chartlet of your harbor and approaches to your docks, and a directory of services, these could all be added for a nominal additional charge.We offer quantity discounts on orders of 10 or more.  If you do not see what interests you here, please send us an email (info and we’ll advise you if it can be done.  Use it to raise funds for an event or a cause! Use it to really customize your yacht club's summer cruise or seasonal offerings. Use it as a personalized gift item.

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