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Ocean Cruising Club

Are you eligible to join?

Every full OCC member has completed a 1,000-mile offshore passage in a vessel of 70 feet or less in length. Those who aspire to such a goal can join as Associate Members and get access to members who have thousands of blue water miles beneath their keels. That distinguishes us from other clubs. It is not who you know; it is what you have done and plan to do that matters.  

Our members share something that most people will never comprehend. We understand what it means to be alone at sea, to be completely self-reliant, to be subject to the whims of Mother Nature, to be humbled and empowered at the same time. This sets us apart even as it joins us together.

Though it has no clubhouse, the OCC is a home for all of us who have sailed long distances across big oceans.  The OCC offers a ‘place’ to be together, to share experiences, to enjoy one another’s company.

         For six decades, OCC members have aspired to accomplish extraordinary voyages and inspired others to realize their dreams.

         The 1,000-mile requirement sets a standard for membership and promotes an egalitarian atmosphere in which everyone – regardless of gender or means – shares a common bond.

         By drawing on our members’ expertise in heavy weather management, voyage planning, short-handed sail handling, watch-keeping and more, and documenting the lessons learned, we share a body of knowledge that will help the next generation of offshore sailors.

         With 48 nationalities, we have a more diverse membership and a broader international reach than any other sailing organization.

         Our Regional and Roving Rear Commodores and our Port Officers are building vibrant “home ports” around the world where you can experience the camaraderie of like-minded helpful people.

         We honour the spirit of seafaring by always being willing to assist fellow members

         Members contribute to the wider community of offshore sailors by writing about their adventures in the OCC’s publications, sharing information about destinations, and pooling experience on critical topics.

Tangible Benefits of Membership

         The journal Flying Fishin both print and digital formats includes practical articles and inspiring stories of adventures.

         The Newsletter, eBulletin, and Facebook page keep members up to date on social events, rallies, and news.

         The Members’ Handbook and online searchable database provide access to accomplished fellow members.

         The OCC Website provides the home port that keeps members in touch with what’s happening around the world.

         Port Officers make us feel welcome and provide expert assistance in their home ports

         Valuable discounts on berths, insurance and merchandise are offered by our partners

         Connections with others who have preceded us help to make our own voyages successful, especially when it comes to Associate Members who avail themselves of the unique Mentoring Programme

         The Youth Sponsorship Programme enables young people to experience blue water sailing by providing financial support and a berth with an experienced skipper

         Gatherings and rallies bring members together in person the world over

         The Flying Fish Burgee helps us find and connect with OCC members in the harbours of the world

Subscription Rates 

A joining fee of £50 is charged for all Full and Associate Members. A single fee of £50 is charged for members sharing the same mailing address (Joint Subscription Rate). The joining fee is waived for those under 30 and those joining as a joint member with an existing member.


Full / Associate Member  £55.00
Joint Subscription (per member)   £42.50
Young Adult £35.00

Flying Fish

The Home Port for the Ocean Cruising Community

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