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A nice cozy nautical bed

Traveling with our furry friends has its advantages. When a warm wet nose nuzzles you as you drift off to sleep, there's a warmth that comes over you that has nothing to do with temperature. I don't know about you, but I hate to leave my friends behind even for a short time. Cruising thankfully, is one way to share your travels with your friends in the comfort of familiar surroundings.One thing that can make those surroundings even more comfortable is a nice cozy nautical bed. They cost alot to buy but they are easy to make. If you have any sewing skills at all, it's truly simple.

Step 1. Purchase supplies. You will need about a yard of a smooth nautical theme fabric, a yard of fleece, and a package of batting. I used synthetic because it washes better. You will also need thread and a sewing machine.
Step 2. Cut three circles the size that would best fit your pet. Cats like to nestle tighter so smaller is better for them. Dogs like more space so better to make it a little oversized.
Step 3. Sew the three layers together around the outside. If you are making only the pillow, sew it together with the wrong sides out, leaving a small opening through which you will reverse the entire thing out. Then stitch up the last bit by hand. Throw in some catnip for good dreams before stitching.
Step 4. If you are making the full bed, make another pillow.
Step 5. Meaure the circumference of the circle and cut the three cloth layers to the proper length. Sew the ends together to make a ring. and sew the ring to the bottom.
Step 6. Insert the first pillow into the bed. Now you have a really comfy bed that has a removable pillow you can easily wash in the laundry. You can also use the removable section as a cockpit cushion for your furry friends and their guests. Sprinkle with catnip if your friend is feline.

Please encourage your peoples to submit stories and tips for cruising success. Photos are always welcome. We want to show off all our friends and provide them with a safe place to share their stories and news.

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