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Tales of Onyx the Cruising Kitty

I. Onyx the Cruising Kitty Finds Her Sealegs
II. Onyx Chases Flutterbies
III. All in a day's work
IV. Onyx Draws Anchor Duty
V. Onyx Goes Fishing
VI. Onyx Meets Seamus
VII. Onyx and the floorboards

Episode III. All in a day's work
From Tales of Onyx the Cruising Kitty

by Onyx Blackwell
Chief Editor and Cruising Kitty

I have to tell you, today was one long day. My pe-ple decided to do a long haul down the Sound since the wind was blowing pretty nicely. I heard he-ple say it was 18 knots...that's just purrrfect. Not too much, not too little. So I offered to help. We pulled up the sails right away, and I tugged on the ropes with she-ple because she isn't always strong enough to get it all up by herself.

Then I helped he-ple set the genoa, and that always takes a lot of pulling on the rope. I have to make sure I stay clear of the winch or I might get my whiskers caught in it. I must say, that rope is a bit much, even for me to handle. But after that, it was a straight shot down the Sound. No tacking at all. It can get pretty boring when there's nothing to do.

I did have to check she-ple's navigation. She is usually pretty good at it but sometimes she doesn't add too well so I always double check her bearings.

Once I got all my morning chores done, including finishing up my breakfast shrimp, I decided the best thing I could do today was to test as many beds as possible. Of course, I already know that different beds are better at different times of day, so I had to plan my day very carefully. In the morning, I'd stay on deck where it was nice and cool. In the afternoon, I'd go below to catch the shade. In the evening, which is my favorite time of day, I'd come back up on deck and catch the sunset. Then, of course, I always get night watch or anchor watch duty so I had to rest up before nightfall. Yep, that sounded like a good plan.

I started by napping with my head on the cool winch. It was a little hard but it felt so refreshing. And I could stay right in the middle of all the action to keep one eye on things. She-ple usually make a tent for me under the dodger, and the winch is right there. This is my favorite place to nap of all!

Then of course I had to help She-ple make lunch. If I am really sweet and ask her very nicely, she will usually give me a treat. Besides, I have to make sure she's making the right lunch for He-ple. He has tummy trouble all the time so we have to take good care of him. I always to watch to make sure he doesn't get something he shouldn't be eating. Of course, he often sneaks things he knows he shouldn't but I always keep his secrets, so don't tell anyone, okay?

And finally, when we anchored I could take a really good power nap just before sunset. Oh boy, just thinking about it makes me sleepy.

I’m Onyx Blackwell, the black sea cat, The Cruising Kitty.  I’m going to see the world.  But first I need to take a nap.

Navigator's break

After a hard morning's work

Enjoying a fresh air nap

Savouring the galley view

Keeping an eye out

We've finally arrived after a long day. Getting sleepy!

Plum tuckered out

Doing deck duty

Night watch

Night watch over

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