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Tales of Onyx the Cruising Kitty

I. Onyx the Cruising Kitty Finds Her Sealegs
II. Onyx Chases Flutterbies
III. All in a day's work
IV. Onyx Draws Anchor Duty
V. Onyx Goes Fishing
VI. Onyx Meets Seamus
VII. Onyx and the floorboards

Episode V. Onyx Goes Fishing

From Tales of Onyx the Cruising Kitty

by Onyx Blackwell
Chief Editor and Cruising Kitty

Onyx on lookout for fish
He-ple was always trying to catch a fish, but he wasn't very good at it. That is not until I taught him a lesson or two. It was one early afternoon in early June when I was watching over board that I noticed a school of fish shimmering just below the surface. They were swimming and swimming, just lazily passing by and glinting in the sun as their bright silver scales caught the angle just right and reflected right out of the water. It looked like a big piece of modern art, with lots of shapes shining on a dark background. I was mesmerized just watching, when suddenly, it was pandemonium. Everyone went scattering helter skelter, breaking the lovely patterns they had been making in rhythm with each other.

It was scary even to me watching from up on deck, especially when I saw them. Giant fish with big teeth snatching up the poor little fish and gobbling them down whole. They looked mean and voracious. They didn't even stop to swallow and the water all around us started boiling with the fish as they swam up to the surface and fed in a frenzy on my little friends.

I didn't know what to do, but I knew I had to tell he-ple so he could assess the situation. I jumped up to him and pointed at the fish. He was busy with something so I had to get his attention. I jumped on him and pummeled his tummy then ran away so he would run after me. It worked! He got up, and laughing asked what I was up to. So once again I pointed to the fish, and now he saw what I saw. The water was boiling with fish all around the boat.

He-ple got all excited and said the "bluefish" were feeding. He threw a line into the water. No sooner than it landed, there was a fish on the hook. He-ple reeling in the line as fast as he could. He called to she-ple to get the net. She scooped up the fish as it came to the surface and I had a look at my first blue fish. It was ugly but it smelled pretty interesting.

Onyx checking out the bluefish she spotted and He-ple Alex reeled in for her.

This is my favorite part of the story. He-ple went about the task of cleaning the fish. Then he said "Onyx, without you spotting the fish, we never would have caught it. Now we will have a fine dinner, all because of your astute observations. For that, you deserve the first bite of sushi."

At that, my ears really perked up. I love sushi. That's absolutely my favorite, but I didn't know it came from fish. I thought it came from the restaurant. What a treat. Fresh sushi and I got the choice tender bits, all I could eat. I ate myself silly and then started to feel so tired I could barely keep my eyes open.

I’m Onyx Blackwell, the black sea cat, The Cruising Kitty.  I’m going to see the world.  But first I need to take a nap.


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